• 1. What does Flayr offer ?

    Flayr is a fun Discovery Shopping site that will transform your shopping experience !

    FLAYR allows you to discover the latest new products in categories such as fashion, accessories, kids and home decor among the top brands and edgy little designers. FLAYR will transform your shopping experience into fun and sharable moments !

    FLAYR has a universal wishlist, so you can save any product from the internet. FLAYR will allow you to follow your favorite brands so you can keep up to date on deals and latest new products. You can also follow influencers or your friends and share latest fashion trends with them.

    Flayr also features the latest looks from influential Instagrammers, with associated products that you will be able to buy directly via Flayr … all great reasons to start your window-shopping on Flayr today !

  • 2. What is "SHOP INSTAGRAM" by Flayr ?

    “SHOP INSTAGRAM” was designed to help you “Shop the Looks” of influential Instagrammers.

    How does it work ?

    • 1. Install the FLAYR and INSTAGRAM apps, and link the two (see "Shop Instagram" tab)
    • 2. Once linked, you can LIKE the looks on Instagram containing the #flayr hashtag …
    • 3. … and you will automatically receive the Instagram looks in your Flayr App … WITH all the associated products shown or worn by the Instagrammer.
    • 4. => And now, you will be able to buy those products directly via Flayr !

    Alternatively, you can also explore the “Shop Instagram” tab on Flayr and browse through the latest Instagram looks to discover the latest trends on Instagram ! A great way to spend the afternoon ...

  • 3. Why should I connect and create a FLAYR ACCOUNT ?

    Why ? In 3 words … "PERSONALIZE YOUR SHOPPING".

    Creating your Flayr account will allow you to take full advantage of the many features offered by FLAYR ... just to name a few :

    • Save your favorite products (by using the "FLAYR" button)
    • Create your Wishlists
    • Add products from the entire web
    • Share products and wishlists with your friends
    • Follow the brands you like (among 8 000 brands), in order to see their latest products & best deals
    • Follow Instagrammers and shop their latest looks
  • 4. How do I BUY via Flayr ?

    For selected products across the site and for all products in the Flayr Boutique, you will have a form of “express check-out” as you will be able to purchase your products directly on Flayr. We simplified the purchasing process to a maximum on web and mobile apps. After your purchase, the partner merchants will ship the products directly to your address.

    As we want to offer the largest product inventory and showcase a maximum of beautiful products, some products will still redirect you to our brand and retail partners, where you will be able to find more info and buy the products on the retailer’s site.

  • 5. How do I SEARCH for a product on Flayr ?

    In the search bar, you will be able to to type in directly what you are looking for, i.e. a specific brand or a specific product. You can also go on the Search menu in the app or in the Categories menu on the website, and navigate through the different product categories, i.e. Women’s fashion, Men’s fashion, Kids, Sweet Home, High-Tech and Beauty.

    In all the categories, you will be able to SORT products by ‘most recent’ and price. More importantly, you can also REFINE your search by desired price level, preferred color, category or brand.

    All this conveniently gives you a number of options to find what you want on Flayr !

  • 6. What’s in "My PROFILE" ?

    Your profile section includes all your favorites :

    • Products that you stored, i.e. "flayred" by tapping the flayr button. Each time you tap on "Flayr", the products will be saved in your favorites so that you can find them later.
    • Instagram Looks that you saved, to keep track of your favorite Instagram snapshots with associated products that you can buy directly.
    • Flayrlists that you created, to group your products in a themed group (e.g. 'Summer dresses')
    • Friends that you follow or that are following you.
    • Brands that you follow

    "My Profile" represents your own personal dashboard of all your activity on Flayr !

  • 7. Why create Wishlists (also called "Flayrlists") ?

    Flayrlists are simple to create, and allow you to group your products in a chosen theme.

    The most common themes that we encounter are for personal categorization, e.g. "Summer dresses", "Redecorating My Loft", or to share lists with friends, e.g. "My Giftlist", "John’s Birthday", "Ideas for Anne’s Graduation" …

    Flayrlists are great to store and categorize your favorites, and you can set them as PRIVATE if you want to be the only one seeing them. Shared flayrlists can easily be sent to friends, and they can give you their votes by surfing through the images you selected … This is a perfect way for a group of friends to decide on a surprise Birthday gift !

  • 8. Why follow Brands ?

    Following your favorite brands is a 'classic 1st-step' in the personalization of your shopping experience on Flayr. You will encounter all the well-known brands on Flayr, but you will also discover a large number of boutique shops and emerging new designers. In total, there are over 8 000 retail partners and 28 000 brands that you will be able to discover on Flayr !

    The tab "Your Brands" in the FEED’s main menu will show you the latest products of the brands you followed.

  • 9. What’s "Flayr-it on the web" ?

    The “Flayr-it on the web” feature is fantastic ! It allows you to add any product from the web to your flayrlists and easily share it with your friends afterwards.

    Saving to Flayr from the Flayr app

    In the Flayr mobile app, you will find the “Flayr-it on the web” feature in the MORE menu. To save to Flayr any product from the web:

    • 1. Tap on “Flayr-it on the web”
    • 2. Type in the product that you are looking for (eg. “Michael Kors bag”) or directly type in the website address you want to go in the navigation bar
    • 3. Once on the product page, tap on the FLAYR button at the bottom of your screen
    • 4. Select the image that you like the most
    • 5. Tap on the “Flayr-it” button
    • 6. Select one of your existing flayrlists if you wish to add the product in one of them or just tap “Cancel”
    • 7. Done, your product is now saved in your favorites

    Saving to Flayr on your mobile browser

    Enabling the Flayr iOS extension in your mobile browser so that you can save to Flayr any product from the web is easy. It works the same with iOS, Android, Firefox and Opera:

    • 1. Open your mobile browser on your phone
    • 2. Tap the share button
    • 3. Swipe the top row and tap More
    • 4. Enable Flayr
    • 5. Tap Done

    Once enabled, you will see Flayr in the share menu of your mobile browser. When in your mobile browser and that you want to save to Flayr a product :

    • 1. Tap the Share button
    • 2. Swipe the images to select the one that you like the most
    • 3. (Optional) Select one your existing flayrlists if you wish to add the product in one of them
    • 4. Tap “Save”
    • 5. Done, your product is now saved in your favorites

    The Flayr extension is available as a share option in your Android device.